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Intuitive Artwork Inventory Management for Artists

Managed Artwork provides comprehensive art inventory management software for artists. From start to finish, the Artwork Manager™ accommodates the flow of artwork through your studio.

Adding Artwork

Drag and Drop images then add artwork details. Store as much information and as many images for a work of art as you like. Once artwork is in your database, inventory becomes easy to manage with powerful search options at your fingertips.

Managing Editions

Managing artwork editions can be cumbersome, the Artwork Manager™ art gallery software makes it easy. Choose to keep keep track of an overall edition size and quantity, or create a parent record with subsequent Inventory Line Items for each unique edition.

Labels & Lists

Create artwork labels and lists using a batch system to create multiple lists of artwork. Choose from wall and back label templates to quickly create labels for your artwork and create professional looking Price Lists for galleries, exhibitions, art fairs and clients. Print Price Lists with artwork details including a thumbnail image of the artwork and your contact information and logo.

Inventory Reports

The Artwork Managers™ Advanced Search function lets you find artwork fast. Set filters for as few or as many criteria as you want to view. In addition to these standard inventory reports, create custom queries to view online, printed, or exported in .csv or .xls format.