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Causey Contemporary

Art Gallery Software Client Since 2014

Causey Contemporary cultivates and represents contemporary artists from their emergence through their maturity. We are dedicated to helping collectors understand and enjoy their artworks within historical, cultural and social contexts. Our mission is to nourish dialogue and relationships between artists, collectors and curators. We strive to provide a multilayered platform for each artist’s individual voice, and to help that voice be heard by new and seasoned collectors alike.

Problem: Like many of our clients, Causey Contemporary is a newly established gallery. They came to Managed Artwork looking for to set up a website quickly to coincide with the gallery opening. Not only did they need a website, but also inventory management for this gallery on the go.

Solution: Managed Artwork was the perfect fit for this new gallery in New York City. We quickly worked with them to create a website to reflect the brand of the gallery by its opening. Attending art fairs regularly, Causey can take their inventory management system on the go.