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Cherie Dacko
Artist Software Client Since 2016

An admitted people-watcher, Cherie is inspired by unusual people with expressive bodies or a quirky fashion sense, but her subjects are not of this world.

Problem: Having been with the same web hosting company for years, Cherie found that it was difficult to manage her website on her own and need a new solution. She came to Managed Artwork needing complete website set up assistance including imports.

Solution: Cherie quickly worked with the Managed Artwork staff, providing images and artwork information for import as well as examples of websites she'd like to emulate. Her new website was up and running within 2 weeks.

Testimonial:   5 stars!

From the moment I first contacted www.managedartwork.com, I was in touch with a human being. I was a little panicked, since my current website host was unresponsive and having major issues. As an artist with an online gallery, access is everything. They walked me through the process of what would be necessary to transfer my domain name and website, was smart, patient, thorough and seemed to know the question before I even asked it. We spent a few days tweaking design changes, and they accomplished everything quickly, with links for me to look at. There was not one glitch once Managed Artwork went live with my site.

Most artistic types abhor the marketing aspect of the business, but here is one company that streamlines it for you from making gallery cards to sending invoices, to opening an online store- all included. There was a learning curve, of course, since I was used to updating my site somewhere else, but Managed Artwork has so many flexible plans, they can do that work for you. To ease the transition, they provide one-on-one training to introduce you to the scope of all the incredible services that are included in your subscription.

Managed Artwork is absolutely geared towards artists and galleries, and is everything you could ask for if you want to get your work out into the world. The site is intuitive, easy to navigate, and gives your brand a professional edge. I feel like my website just went from being a teenager to an adult.

Cherie Dacko, professional artist
Longwood, Florida

Launched:   2016