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Froelick Gallery

Art Gallery Software Client Since 2002

Problem: Charles Froelick, owner of one of Oregon's premiere galleries, had no previous experience with owning or managing a website. Their objective was simple... "internalize the website and everything related from digitizing artwork to adding news articles for their gallery website."

Solution: Froelick Gallery purchased a Scanner and had DSL installed at the Gallery immediately after inquiring about our Gallery Solution in 2002. From that point, we helped them learn how to scan slides, crop, color correct and optimize images, all during the setup phase. From there, we taught Froelick Gallery staff how to administrate their website using our robust, yet easy to use Artwork Managerâ„¢.

Testimonial:   Our artists are thrilled to have "live" artwork accessible to the general public as well as the entire art world. The Gallery can now reach people well beyond the confines of our mailing list. We are excited by the infinite prospects our site will help us reach. Thank you, Managed Artwork, for understanding the particular needs of the art world, and for providing technical expertise and design sensibility that is also user friendly.

Included in the set-up and lease package was the design (which otherwise can be extremely expensive,) the tutorials, all the site upgrades, and all the tech support one could possibly need. Our questions have been met with detailed explanations in terms we could understand, making it actually enjoyable to expand our site. Chris's professionalism is equaled by his optimism, and he has provided us with the confidence and knowledge to make our website all that we desire.