My Collection & Suggested Works

The My Collection page gives collectors a way to set aside their favorite works of art at your website and view them again when they return to the website at a later date. A visitor can submit a comment to the gallery or artist and a contact record will automatically be created within the contact database. Additionally, the site administrator will receive an email notification of the visitor’s interest.

Furthermore, the visitor also has the option to save the collection. This action will save their collection within their contact record. This allows the gallery to view the artworks that the website visitor is interested in.

My Collection may also be used in conjunction with Suggested Works. This allows the gallery or artist to make suggestions to the contact within the Artwork Manager™. The suggestions are then presented to the visitor within the ‘My Collection’ page.

These two tools working in tandem with each other can make for a professional, interesting image dialog and sale experience. My Collection and Suggested Works are included when the website feature is activated.